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Freedom Outreach International


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Connecting military, veterans and their communities with a missional Christian family.  We recognize the military and expatriate community make up a distinct group of persons from the larger population of most geographical locations. The fact they are far away from home, reflect wide cultural diversity and often have extensive experience dealing with hardship, make them exceptional candidates to form close knit action communities. We do not wish to form communities of isolation but rather link these special people with self-sustaining communities that help each other to grow and to make their local area and the world a better place.

Freedom Outreach is a Ministry to the Military that serves and ministers to members of all branches of the uniformed military services and their families. In addition, the Organization regularly serves military veterans, expatriates, host country nationals and their families through a variety of both traditional and innovative methods. Services are currently delivered at diverse locations in the USA and in 17 different countries. 

Retreats and training conferences are a vital part of Freedom Outreach, especially in overseas areas. These help to connect those stationed far from each other on foreign soil, as well as in the U.S., to other believers and expose them to excellent training, teaching, fellowship and vibrant worship. Every effort is made to provide the best available program to make sure these events are deeply impactful to our military men and women and their families.


In the United States, Freedom Outreach is available to network with and provide resources to churches and para-church organizations located near U.S. Military facilities. Alumni from overseas centers, veterans, and active duty military men and women assigned in the U.S., frequently will look for a church that is connected with the Freedom Outreach overseas. These are designated variously as “Military Contact and Military Outreach Churches.”  

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